Your skin and lasers

Lasers have multiple uses in clinics; they are used for the reduction of redness, pigmentation, premature ageing and collagen induction. Unfortunately, people are quickly misled about what can be achieved with lasers and are unaware that other factors may also impact results.


Start your research by ensuring your practitioner is using high quality equipment and is licensed to use that particular laser. There are many types of lasers used for skin rejuvenation and they all have different skin targets like blood, water and melanin (brown pigment) in the skin. There are many classes of laser too: Class 1, Class 1M, Class 2, Class 2M, Class 3R, Class 3B, Class 4.


IPLs have no classification as yet because they’re not classed as a laser. They will be regulated soon, however. Different classifications are determined by depth of laser penetration and risk. It’s vitally important that your skin practitioner is fully trained in how to use the laser machine for your particular skin condition. Proper use of advanced laser technology ensures the right target in your skin is being addressed, therefore decreasing the risk of negative side effects.


Your skin health vastly affects the benefits of laser treatments. The healthier your skin, the more receptive it is and the more likely it will have faster recovery. Your practitioner should have a thorough understanding of skin health and be able to clearly assess your skin’s health and function, as opposed to addressing one problematic area. Providing skin health education and aftercare management are essential too in helping you to achieve your skin goals.


Any ol’ laser or laser practitioner will not do. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it is with you for a lifetime. Research carefully all treatments you are considering and talk with a qualified, professional paramedical skin practitioner to ensure the best options are offered for your specific skin needs and goals.

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