sun spot removal

Sun Spot Removal

Sun spots aren’t a problem aesthetically as treatment is possible and widely available. There are a lot of homemade remedies out there you can use, but these will take a while to reach your goal. Professional treatment involves a superficial destructive process on the top layer of the skin, which is easy and almost pain free. Talk to your skin practitioner to seek treatment – the earlier the better as sunspots get worse with sun exposure.


What Is A Sun Spot?

Also called solar keratoses, sunspots generally describe a premalignant skin lesion which usually appears as red and scaly patch on sun exposed skin.


Are you likely to have or get sun spots?

You are more likely to have sun spots if you have lighter skin and have been exposed to long term sun exposure.


Are their Health Risks of sun spots?

Although not cancerous in themselves, sunspots if left untreated can turn into skin cancer and require surgery.


Sun Spot Removal

There are several treatment options for removing sunspots. Treatment requires only a superficial destructive process to the top layer of the skin which is actually very simple and relatively pain free. Your practitioner will recommend treatment for you and the earlier you seek treatment the easier it is for you.


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