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Skin Peels

When it comes to improving the health, look and feel of your skin, skin peels are a simple and fast skin refining solution for a range of conditions from lines to blemishes, enlarged pores, scarring and more. IM Skin Health provides an array of peel choices, including a results-driven 6-week progressive peel program. We will help you plan the best outcome for your skin type and condition.

What are the benefits of Skin peel?

Peels can be an excellent method for improving the health and appearance of your skin. They revise the surface of the skin and over a period of time can change the whole skin physiology. Peels can be beneficial for reversing sun damage and generally softening unwanted lines. They are a popular option because of the fast relief they provide.

What conditions are peels suitable for?

The types of conditions that peels can provide effective relief for are:

• Lines and wrinkles
• Pigmentation
• General skin blemishes
• Enlarged pores
• Dull complexion
• Uneven skin
• Oily skin
• Scarring


What types of peels are there?

There are botanical & herbal, vitamin and acid-based peels as well as manual options such as microdermabrasion, which is popular for instant results.

Self-administered peels are available but professional application is highly recommended. Plus, at IM Skin Health we can give you access to a range of stronger peels and expert advice on what is right for you.

At IM Skin Health we would love to show you what our range of clinical services can do for you!
If you have questions, please feel free to call 0414 540 054


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