skin flushing

Skin Flushing

Q: What is skin flushing?

Skin flushing is the rapid reddening of the neck, face or upper chest. More often than not, this reddening is accompanied by feelings of warmth. Skin flushing is also known as blushing.

Q: Are you likely to experience skin flushing?

Most likely, at some point in your life, you already had your skin flushing. This is a common response to strong feelings of anxiety, stress, embarrassment or other extreme emotions.

Q: What are the health risks of skin flushing?

There are no health risks associated with skin flushing as it is more of a social problem than a medical one. It may be linked to medical issues such as niacin overdose or Cushing’s disease (high levels of cortisol in the body). But these are rare case where flushing is a common and reoccurring issue.

Q: What are the treatments for skin flushing?

Reoccurring skin flushing should be examined by a doctor as there might be an underlying cause. If skin flushing only occurs once in a while, the only way to treat it is with prevention and relaxation. Avoiding triggers such as strong emotional reactions, alcohol consumption, spicy foods and extreme temperatures can help avoid flushing.

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