scar reduction

Scar Reduction

What is a scar?

A scar is a result of the body’s natural healing process where damage to the skin or area beneath the skin has occurred. What you notice as the scar is generally a build up of the collagen fibres that your body has laid down to repair a wound.

What types of scars are there?

Since a scar can form from the healing of almost any skin trauma there are many different types of scars. Causes of scars can include:

• Surgical procedures
• Injuries to skin (or even damage to muscle or fat below skin)
• Acne
• Chicken Pox
• Insect bites
• Stretch Marks (From pregnancy, or growth spurt)

Are their Health Risks of scars?

Some scars can be irritable, itchy and even mildly painful but for the majority of people there are no health risks from having a scar. However, there are a few scars that can impose health risks. This is an area where your paramedical practitioner at IM Skin Health will advise you.

Scar Removal (Scar Reduction)

There are many treatment options for scar reduction depending on the type of scar you have, its age and its location on your body. Although your scar may not technically be removed there are usually ways to make your scar less visible. Organise a consultation with one of our paramedical practitioners to find out the options available to you.

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