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Laser Tattoo Removal Quick Facts

Laser tattoo removal or tattoo lightening with nanosecond and picosecond lasers are currently the most effective means of removing or fading tattoos. This sophisticated technology lowers possible negative side effects and chance of scarring in comparison to other tattoo removal methods.

  • CUTERA nanosecond and picosecond lasers emit extremely high energy, short-lived pulses of laser that shatter tattoo ink particles on contact, breaking the ink down to tinier particles enabling easier removal by the body’s immune system. 
  • Different laser wavelengths are required to remove different tattoo ink colours. 
  • Laser may completely remove a tattoo or fade it for future modification or correction. 
  • Usually, 4 – 12 sessions are required to completely remove a professional tattoo. Fewer sessions are required for amateur tattoos or to fade a tattoo rather than remove it. 
  • There are various factors that determine how many sessions a tattoo will take to remove. One of which is the patient’s ability to heal well post treatment. 
  • Cosmetic tattooing of the areola, eyebrows and lips can also be removed or reduced. 
  • Anaesthetic creams or icepacks may be used to numb the skin prior to laser treatment. However the Enlighten 111 laser tattoo removal laser is not painful. 

At IM Skin Health, we possess three laser wavelengths with the professional ability to remove or reduce all ink colours.


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