laser facials

Laser Facials

Often, winter can create unique challenges for our skin, with cold, dry winds and rapid changes in temperature (when moving from the warmth of indoors to outside), all resulting in negative affects – especially on our faces.


There is one excellent upside to the cooler months, however – they provide the ideal time to undertake laser treatments.


At the clinic, we utilise Cutera excel V™️, which delivers precision laser treatments for a variety of aesthetic and dermatologic skin concerns.


Combining two powerfully precise lasers, the technology targets and eliminates vascular concerns (redness, unsightly veins) and benign pigmented lesions (age spots, sun spots, discolouration) on the face and body.


Customised for each patient during your initial consultation, most treatments require one to three treatment sessions of just 5 to 10 minutes, although some may take up to 45 minutes.


Typically, you can wear make-up and return to normal activities immediately.


The end result will be a clean, #nofilter complexion.

At IM Skin Health we would love to show you what our range of clinical services can do for you!
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