laser confidence

Laser Confidence

More people are choosing the ‘laser end’of the non-surgical cosmetic enhancement treatment spectrum. Muscle relaxants and fillers may have gone mainstream but more people are realising good skin is the cornerstone of ageing beautifully. Lasers have multiple uses in clinics – the reduction of redness, pigmentation, premature ageing and collagen induction. Sadly, people are easily mislead about what can be achieved with lasers and are unaware other factors can impact the results.


Start by ensuring your practitioner is using a high quality licensed machine. The use of advanced laser technology ensures the right target in the skin is being addressed, therefore decreasing the risk of negative side effects. Your skin’s health vastly affects the benefits of laser treatments – the healthier your skin, the more receptive it is to the treatments, the faster it recovers and the better the treatment outcome/results.


Your skin practitioner should be able to clearly assess your skin’s overall health and functionality. Lastly, your practitioner needs to have a thorough understanding of skin health, use of the laser machine, be fully licensed, have the applicable education and aftercare knowledge. Never be afraid to ask questions. Your skin practitioner is here to help you achieve your skin goals.

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