skin care tips to save you money

6 skin care tips that will save you money

Is your wallet feeling the pinch heading into the EOFY? Claire Mason shares her top skin care tips that will save you money.


1.  Use your products sparingly


Using your skin care products as directed will give you more longevity. Often only a pea to coin sized amount is required. Following a prescribed skin care regime will offer long-term results by improving the health and appearance of your skin.


2.  Understanding the needs of your skin can save you time and money in ineffective skin treatments and products


Getting professional help will take all the guesswork out of choosing the right products for your skin. There is no such thing as oily, dry and/or combination skin, so don’t get swayed by marketing hype and/or cheap products. Once you have a tailored home care program, you will save money and get the results you want.


3.  Discuss membership options with your clinic 


There are many ways professionals can help you with your skin care needs, and money is one of them. Most professional skin clinics have payment plans, memberships and treatment packages to help you achieve amazing results without the financial burden.


4.  Maximise monthly promotions


If there’s a special promotion happening at your favourite skin clinic, take it! Utilising monthly offers can save hundreds of dollars per month! Buying your favourite products and skin essentials in advance will always pay off.


5.  Know your skincare ranges promotion calendar


Most skin clinics promote product and treatment offers around special calendar events. Keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to their mailing lists especially around Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas and Birthday celebrations. Usually these promotions get snapped up fast due to the value in dollars.


6.  A prevention skin regime will always save money 


This couldn’t be truer! Prevention is always better than cure. If you look after the health of your skin early, it could save you thousands later on in life.


“For the health of your skin”


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